Thursday, October 18, 2007

Stars and Stripes

Here is my newest pair of mosiac jeans - these are more of a cropped-knee length pant than a regular pair of decorated jeans. Blame that on my daughter's long legs. You can also blame the seamstress who cut off too much fabric. LOL They still turned out to be super cute. I made the tee to match.
I am hoping to get the fall jeans made before Christmas. At this rate they are not going to happen!
Ignore the messy porch behind Princess. I gave up keeping it cleaned up. They have too much fun making it messy. No one goes out there except kids or the dogs and I could care less what my neighbors think!
Busy weekend here - like most weekends! I am just praying I can sleep past 7:00am. We will see!

Monday, October 15, 2007

What we have been up to...

Well, we have been crazy busy. That is usually the norm, but lately it seems a little crazier than usual!
First, Big Daddy opened his new store. A certain Supermarket chain store in the Southeast - started in Lakeland, Florida. Anyways, he FINALLY got the store opened! Here is a pic. Yep, that is our little family all dressed up! Everyone got new outfits for this occasion! It is a big deal for us and we had a great time. Everything went smoothly and all is good!

THEN -We have also been to Cagles Dairy Farm in Georgia. What a great place to go! We went with Queen Bee's Brownie Troop. We had a great time! I forgot how bad cows smell ;)

Plus I went with my girlfriend and her two girls, of course with my two girls, to a mother/ daughter "camping" weekend. We stayed in cabins and had real potties. We did have to cook outdoors. But since there is a fire ban in Georgia we had to use a propane grill. We hiked, and had all kinds of fun. I don't have a decent pic of that excitement. Sorry.

Today the kids were out of school so we baked. We have not had a day were we just did very little and baked. We needed that today. Here are some of the treats we made. We will be sharing these with teachers and friends! Yummy caramel apples and caramel-pecan-brownies. I also made my famous Crickets Brownies, but I did not get a picture of those. We made Pumpkin Pie cookies, but we still have to put the "filling" in those! I am also going to make some Sugared Pecans and Ginger Cookies tomorrow. Then the kids will help me assemble boxes and we will be done!
That is it for excitement. I did get in some great fabrics. I am hoping to finish up a couple big jobs this week so I can stop and create something fun with them!
I will post my Stars and Stripes mosiac jeans tomorrow. They are super cute!!!
Have a great day!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Monogram on My Car

Isn't this the cutest thing ever! I just LOVE it! I started selling them this summer. You can also put these on anything! I have a different style on a large tin drink bucket. They come in different styles and colors. I just think it is SO unique!

That was shameless self promotion. But I really do love my car monogram. I haven't figured out the best way to market them. They are not cheap and I think that deters people from buying them. That is one marketing quandary I have yet to figure out!
It is raining and dreary today. I have a very long TO DO list!! I am running late on an order.
it is a little frustrating because I have not been able to get all the product in. It makes me want to open my own manufacturing plant!
I did receive some great Amy Butler fabric I ordered from I will snap a pic of the fabric to post. Princess wants some jeans and who knows what else made from it. I can't wait to start creating with this new fabric!!! I may stay up late to sew.
Have a great day

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Last post of the day -I promise. These are my first pair of mosiac jeans - I purchased the ebook from creative design outlet. Once I learned the technique they were pretty easy. Not as in didn't take any time easy, as in "AH-HA " that is how it is done. There is a trick to everything. I think once you figure out how to do something the degree of difficulty decreases.
Anyways, I made these for Princess - she LOVES mermaids!!!!
Speaking of which - if you want a fantastic artist, who specializes in mermaids, check out Wendy Prentice. I will add her link to the right -can't figure out how to add it to the post. Anyways, we purchased one of her prints for Princess. She loves it!
That is it for posts today!

Since I am digging up old pics, I found this great outfit I made the girls. The skort is really cute with hand appliqued flip flops. The tee has ribbon accent to match. I also made matching hair ribbons and crystal hair barrettes. Too bad they out grew these outfits!

This is a pair of jeans I made for Queen Bee a couple of years ago. They are just painted capris with a crochet fringe. I also added the crochet fringe around the bottom of the shirt to match. They actually held up well. I used fabric paint with some type of extender in it. I also added crystals. Although I had to go back and replace the crystals more than once :) Not too bad for my first attempt. I will get pics of my newest creations to post!

On anther note - thank you Lisa Leonard for your post!!! She is an amazing jewelry designer. I have one of her necklaces and it is the highlight of my collection. I always get compliments on it. If you get a chance, visit her blog. She is super sweet which is a bonus to her talent. **Seriously not trying to kiss up - that is really how I talk**

Thanks to Teri for her visit. I promise to make you smile as much as I can .Teri is my SLAH supplier. She helps give me my fix regularly. What would I do without my Southern Living at Home !!! I will figure out how to add her link to my list :)

Thanks for a great first day! Here's to many more great days!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A new day

I have wanted to start a blog for a long time. I spend enough time lurking on everyone's blogs. Since I am procrastinating, I thought this was a good time. This is a work in progress. I will treat it like everything else I have done, learn by trial and error.
First I will say, this is only the toe of my elephant. That is for you Terri!

I hope to post recent jobs, fun items I am creating, and in general tid-bits about me and my life.

To start - yes, I have a great husband who is extremely supportive of all my crazy adventures. I have 3 great kids - a daughter Princess, 9, and another daughter Queen Bee 7, and a son - future Seminole, who is 5. Ah -the joys of motherhood. That is a whole separate blog.*haha* We also have 2 dogs and a cat in our family. We would have more furry friends, but Big Daddy said no.

To my crafting adventures. I just finished a great pair of mosiac jeans. I think they turned out great. As soon as I figure out how to add pics - I will show you what I created for Princess. Queen Bee refuses to wear jeans, so I am making her a mosiac skirt set. She is very picky.

I own an embroidery business. I do alot of commercial jobs, schools, preschools, sports teams, etc. My favorite things to do are the "Boutique" items. I really try to offer unique items and make things different from what every other commercial place has to offer. I am the only employee so sometimes I run really late on deliveries, that or I don't get any sleep. LOL
I love my business but I really have to escape to sew or create sometimes. I need to creative outlet of sewing or painting, or doing something artsy.

I actually have a little real work to finish before I go to bed tonight.

Hope you come back to read more! Thanks for letting me share!!!