Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Congratulations to the Hedge Rows Junior ALTA City Champions!!

We recently made great jackets for the Hedge Rows Junior ALTA Team for their win as City Champions in their division.
Great job on all your hard work girls!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Embroidery Digitizing Facts and Information

So you have an idea for embroidered shirts with your company logo but you're not sure how to get from the idea stage to a finished piece of embroidery. This is where embroidery digitizing comes in, taking a piece of artwork like a photo, a sketch or a professionally drawn picture and transforming it into a language that an embroidery machine can understand and stitch out. This is not the same format that is used for say, printing or some other digital publication. Digitizing file formats are unique to the embroidery industry.

A digitizer is both an artist and a technician. In converting the artwork to a digital file, the digitizer must be able to maintain the integrity of the art while installing a myriad of stitches and settings into the embroidery file. The different types of stitches are chosen for both artistic effects such as shading and also to allow the machine to run efficiently and without being damaged. Design stitches are also chosen based on the garment to be embellished. You would not want the same underlay and stitch count on a polo shirt as say a gym bag. The difference is noticeable between a quality digitized design versus an inexperienced digitizers design.

We use a very experienced and highly talented digitizer for all our embroidery digitizing. We can take any art work and turn into an embroidery format. The charges for this service start at $45.00 a design. The other interesting note about logo digitizing, once you pay to have you logo or design digitized it is yours. It belongs to you not the embroider. Most embroiders will not tell you this. They want you to come back to them for your embroidery needs but in fact you can request your logo file at any time.

If you have any questions on digitizing, please feel free to ask. We are always happy to show you samples of our work.

What can we create for you?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tennis Racket Covers!

Need a special gift for the Tennis Player in your life? How about a Monogrammed Tennis Racket Cover? Available in Lime Green, Pink, and Light Blue. The fabric has tennis balls embroidered all over. There is even a pocket on the front to hold a spare tennis ball, keys, or water bottle! Add a monogram or name for the personal touch!

$22.00 each includes monogram or embroidered name.

**Add a matching water bottle for an extra $6.00**

What can we create for you?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Taste of Mill Creek 11/14/09

Ornament Wreath Display

Left Side Display

Right Side Display

Taste of Mill Creek was fun. We met some new friends, made some local connections, saw some cute things, ate some awesome cookies from Shonuf Gourmet . We even sold a few things. I do think I bought more than I sold :)
Thank you for everyone who stopped by!

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Bella 2010 Photo Shoot

Taste of Mill Creek Show

If you are in the Buford, Georgia area on Saturday 11/14/09, come by and visit us at Taste of Mill Creek. We will have all of our inventory available for cash and carry or special order. Stop by and mention thus blog to receive a special discount. 15% of the all sales from this event will go to the Wounded Soldier Project. Stop by and say "Hey Ya'll"!!

What can we create for you?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Personalized Christmas Ornaments are here!

Personalized Christmas Ornaments are here!!

Preppy Personalized Ornament $10.00
This design features a 3 initial script in the Vine Font along with coordinating polka dots
You can choose the color of the vinyl for the monogram and the polka dots.
*Please note that this ornament is not completely "round" it is what we call a "flat" round ornament meaning it is flat on the front and back side and it is approximately 1.5" in depth. This style is perfect for personalization with vinyl because it has a flat surface to work with.*

Auburn University Ornament $10.00

Single initial ornament - $10.00
You can choose your initial color, font, and polka dot color!

Extra Large, Pearlized Personalized Ornaments - 3 initial monograms or single initial monograms. Choose you colors! $17.00 - $19.00

Don't see something you like? Have a certain look in mind? Contact us and we can create something special for you!

What can we create for you?!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Market Totes are here!

Market Totes are here!
A great gift for someone special!!
They can be monogrammed or have your school's logo added.
They are available in many different colors - pink (Shown), black, red, floral, zebra print, green, brown, and many others!!
$25.00 (includes basic 3 letter monogram or equal embroidery design)

What can we create for you!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Need another great gift idea?

How about a knit beanie? Solid or striped. Many colors to choose from - add any logo or monogram.
Great gift idea for $10.00

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tweak of the name and logo

Hey Ya'll!
We have tweaked our name and logo. Hope you like the new logo and name!!!

It is end of one season and the beginning of another - yes, I mean the end of Fall Baseball and Football and the beginning of Basketball!! What else???

If you have not ordered trophies or end of the season gifts - you better hurry up! Time is running out.
Here are some trophy samples and gift ideas.

Standard single column with side date. 12" overall in height. $10.00 each

This is a basic single riser with baseball or softball figure. 12" total height - $10.00 each.
Gift idea - Windbreaker Pullover - with Logo embroidered on the left chest pocket, name or sport under the logo. Starting at $16.00 each.Fleece Hoodie with team logo and name or sport embroidered on the left chest area starting at $18.00
Name can also be added to the hood for $3.00

Hope this gives you a few ideas. We have tons of options and ideas!
If you can dream it, we can create it!