Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Science Fair 2008

The science fair was very exciting. We tried to force all 3 kids to participate but Princess was the only one who ended up completing their project. That is what happens when the parents do not do the work for them! Maybe next year I can be a little more convincing on this subject.
Princess placed 5th. That is okay, she was still happy and she did a great job! We are very proud of her!!!
Here it is - Lemon Electricity!
We still celebrated by going to 5 Guys! Hey - it was a good night, mom did not have to cook!
Yay for mom!

MS Walk 2008

We did it! We walked for Papa and we raised $285.00 for MS Research!! If you are asking "What is MS?" then I can fill you a little. You can look here or here for more information. Basically Multiple Sclerosis is a Neurological Disease that attacks the Central Nervous System. You guessed it - you lose your ability to walk, write, control your muscles among other things.
Here are our pictures from the Athens MS Walk.
This Year we walked for Papa. My dad has been diagnosed for 17 years. He probably had it for up to 25 years but it was never properly diagnosed. We also walked this year for 3 friends - Ms. Mary Ms. Emily, and Ida. All who are learning to live with this terrible disease and praying for a cure. We had a great time and hope to raise even more money next year!
Team CURE - Walking for Papa!!!!