Saturday, August 9, 2008

New from Stampin' Up!

Stampin' Up! has a new line of products called Decor Elements. LOVE Them!!!!
I ordered these super cute circle with initials for the girl's room. I also ordered some other pieces, I just haven't hung them up - yet!

Aren't they great!!??


Football and injuries

Okay - first let me say I was very hesitant to allow Little Man to play football. But after many promises and a lot of begging, I gave in. I was also worried he would lose interest in Baseball, which he is really good at but that is not the case. He loves both and tells me he is a 2 sport man. The fact that Big Daddy is a coach also helped my decision.

So - first week of 2 hour a night, every night what happens? Little Man severely sprains his pinky. He doesn't break it but 1 week later and the bruising has gone down quite a bit but it is still swollen. Lovely. I was thrilled! HA!

But then last night they had their first scrimmage game against the other 6 year old team. Who had 2 touchdowns? Little Man! He also made 2 blocks and a fumble. He was awesome!!!! I am so proud of him. Still not happy about the pinky but understand why he loves football. After watching him I can see that he truly enjoys the sport, testosterone, or just hitting other kids and not getting in trouble! LOL

Today is filled with work and catching up. School starts Monday! Oh Joy for me! I can hit the gym regularly and get some real work done! YEAH!!!!

Here he is making his 2nd touchdown! GO my Little Man!!!! (He is #6 with the ball)

Until later - XOXO

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Time flies

Don't look too close at this picture! This is the one for our Christmas cards this year! LOL I just love it soooo much. I am using it for EVERYTHING! Oh well, it really is a good picture.

Has it really been that long since my last post?? April - Really???? I guess I better get on the ball! Here is a quick wrap up of our summer. I promise to be better!!!

Life is good - I have no idea where to begin, so here it goes.....

Princess finished out her year with straight A's, realized she wanted to go back to her old ballet studio, decided she really wants to play tennis and learned to play golf. She got her braces off, her hair "styled", and is getting contacts. She is very excited about entering the 5th grade.

Queen Bee finished up one competition season to move to another gym. She is looking forward to actually winning this year LOL She also did well in school (straight A's) and is nervous about 3rd grade. She will be just fine. She also got her expanders on for her braces, she was none to happy about that one! She also decided to expand her cooking knowledge and is working on her first cookbook. She also taught herself to ride her bike!
Little Man finished out his baseball season with averaging 1 -3 homeruns a game, made the Allstar team and LOVES baseball. He made some really good friends on his baseball team luckily they are also on his football team! Yes, he is playing football and LOVES every minute of it. Big Daddy is coaching so my anxiety level has decreased greatly. Although, today he broke his pinky finger. Little Man informed me in football you get hurt and it is okay. Geesh - still doesn't make it easy for a Momma. He also learned to ride a bike and now wants a dirt bike. I don't think so. I have too many grey hairs now!!!"Bring It" - that what Little Man tells his opponents! Go Little Man!

One of my favorite pictures of him. All grown up but still my little boy!!!

We also had the my niece visit for a week this summer. That was great and she was such a joy to have stay with us. She got homesick but she was perfect!! Love you Angel Face!!! The family came back through a second time for a visit. It was so good to see everyone! They are great!!!!

I lost my Grandpa this summer. Very sad for me. He is in a better place and I know he is picking his banjo and playing his fiddle. It is all good -

We enjoyed a week at the beach. We did nothing, it was great. I really want to go back. I miss Florida and the beach so much I could just run away and never look back. Oh well, I will settle for the annual trip to the beach.Big Daddy's Brother and his family came through for a quick visit. It was so good to see everyone. I have THE BEST nieces and nephews ever! They really are good kids.

I am now swamped with work and PTA President, helping our football team mom and over committed as usual. Nothing changes around here but the day LOLWe also went to the American Girl Shop and Bistro here in ATL. It was FAB-U-LOUS!!! I even enjoyed myself. I really a kid at heart, especially for dolls ;)

I promise to be better about updating!!!